Application Development
The Application Development Challenge
For enterprises to become truly competitive, they must improve the speed and quality of product and service delivery and create competitive differentiation, all of which is not possible without an excellent IT systems.

Today, a large amount of information is transacted by businesses within their organisations as well as with customers. There is great complexity in preparing and presenting information in a world where users need to access many forms of data that exist across distributed systems. Information optimisation is a new focus in the enterprise software market.

A large part of the information optimisation challenge is users’ different requirements. IT must also consider multiple points of integration such as security frameworks and information modelling, as well as integration with operational and content management systems. This is complicated further by multiple new standards coming into play, such as customer and financial data – still the most important information systems in the organization.

The pressure for such change is being directed toward the IT group, which is involved with the task of developing, enhancing and managing applications that process, optimise and present information
Calibre® Focus
With Calibre® as you extended offshore development arm, you can be assured of delivery of high quality software applications with cost and time predictability.

We follow a collaborative software development methodology. Herein, the client retains its own onsite team, and our offshore team collaborates with the client team to attain a common goal. It is our responsibility to streamline and synchronize the processes essential for this collaboration.

Team Calibre® integrates with the clients' team for complete understanding and attention to detail so as to provide fast turn-around time for projects.
Calibre® Applications Development Services
Product Development
We assist ISVs to reduce their cost of software product development while keeping a control on the product architecture, intellectual property, improving time to market, and knowledge retention through dedicated project teams.

We are constantly evolving our capabilities to help deliver software solutions on popular and trending platforms. If your company is looking to extend your software development team to build a new software platform we can partner with you by deploying best-in-class resources, adopting best practices and best- in-class development tools.

Custom Applications
Complex software customizations are needed to operate in a business environment of compliance mandates, consolidation, and globalization. Sometimes no matter how many packaged applications you try on, nothing seems to fit. What you need is an application that is custom-made exclusively to your unique business needs.

We customize our services according to each client’s special needs by employing flexible service models and offshore resources to develop high quality, low cost and scalable custom software

Enterprise Applications
Calibre® not only understands how to build high performance applications, its developers are adept at technology platforms and agile development practices.

We have expertise in every Microsoft development tool and platform, and have broad knowledge of techniques that enable us to leverage the latest Microsoft technologies while providing expertise that extends beyond traditional software development.

Web Applications
Calibre® has deep expertise in building consumer Internet applications using various cutting-edge technologies in web and desktop.

We build web applications that integrate with databases on Microsoft platforms, and our experienced team will find the simplest, most effective programming or web application path without sacrificing performance.
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Mobile Applications
Calibre® has expertise in developing Mobile apps to run on iPads, iPhone, Blackberry, Microsoft Windows Phone OS, Android phones.

Our strengths lie in building custom handheld tools that integrate with Enterprise. Our significant experience using the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC framework means we deliver reliable solutions that target mobile web browsers across multiple devices.
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Salient Service Features
Our developers are competent in using all Microsoft tools (.NET, C# etc.) Java, HTML5, and a variety of other technologies
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Seamless Collaboration
  • Calibre® manages the resources, infrastructure, projects and deliverables for the client.
  • All development processes, quality management systems, standards and norms used are as per definitions from the Client.
  • We adopt state-of-the-art project management and collaboration tools and services to effectively collaborate with clients and deliver quality IT applications
  • For a better control of the project management, the client's own coordinator can be deployed at our development centre.
Flexibility & Cost Efficiency
Our ‘Time and Materials’ (T & M) model allows you to adjust the scope of the outsourced team and thereby, efficiency of production.