Application Re-engineering
The Application Re-engineering Challenge
Since continual changes in business dynamics necessitate bringing new solutions to the market in an accelerated manner, IT changes in an organisation must occur at the speed of business changes and technology advancements, to take the early mover advantage over competition.

IT groups, therefore face the following major challenges
  • Operational or performance issues with current solutions.
  • Inability of outdated applications to handle a larger user base
  • Support issues and maintainability of old technology
  • Low User friendly application designs
  • Portability issues of old applications on new platforms
  • Cost issues associated with maintaining old and poorly documented legacy system
Calibre® Focus
Calibre® serves clients in the continual change in technology and business environment. Our Applications re-engineering and management services address your need to leverage newer technology platforms, frameworks, and software products to transform IT systems and applications. 

We emphasize on innovation, flexibility and quality, backed by timely service delivery. 
Calibre® Applications Re-engineering Services
Applications Migration
To survive and grow in today's dynamic business environment, companies are recognizing the need to migrate from old legacy systems to new technologies, in order to reduce cycle times, lower costs of maintenance, increase access to critical data, improve software architecture, improve scalability and reliability.

Calibre® offers Application Migration services that address applications that span multiple databases, software languages and systems and help your organization deal with out-dated technologies and inefficient processes and workflows.

We offer solutions that allow for the seamless migration of applications from one architecture platform to another through a proven migration approach, along with time tested processes, migration automation tools and frameworks, to minimize re-engineering.

Applications Integration
Application Integration involves plans, methods, and tools aimed at modernizing, consolidating, and coordinating the computer applications in an enterprise.

Usually, an enterprise has existing legacy applications and databases and wants to continue to use them while adding or migrating to a new set of applications that exploit the Internet, e-commerce, extranet, and other new technologies. Application Integration involves seeing how existing applications fit into the new requirements and devising ways to efficiently reuse what already exists while adding new applications and data.

Calibre®’s Application Integration services can help you automate businesses processes and workflows distributed across disparate business organizations, departments and applications. We offer services for integrating enterprise applications, business-to-business systems, business processes, legacy and third party systems.

Applications Maintenance 

Enterprises are spending a considerable amount of their IT budget on on-going maintenance and support of business applications. Enterprises are looking to control these costs through outsourcing maintenance, ensuring reduction in system downtime, while freeing their own IT teams to concentrate on core development so that they can keep the systems responsive to customer needs.

Calibre®’s application maintenance processes involves:
  • Thorough mapping of application features with the business processes ensuring high levels of business and application understanding.
  • Allocation of appropriate human resources to maintain applications
  • Provide incremental additions to the software and build deliver new features as required
  • Minimising application downtime and volatility through quick bug fixes
  • Analysing redundancies and streamlining systems

Calibre® also works closely with ISVs who want to focus on core capabilities and need a partner with a responsible outsourced application support services.
Salient Service Features
Our developers are competent in using all Microsoft tools (.NET, C# etc.) Java, HTML5, and a variety of other technologies
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Seamless Collaboration
  • Calibre® manages the resources, infrastructure, projects and deliverables for the client.
  • All development processes, quality management systems, standards and norms used are as per definitions from the Client.
  • We adopt state-of-the-art project management and collaboration tools and services to effectively collaborate with clients and deliver quality IT applications
  • We provide regular assessment and recommendations to ensure you have access to the most up-to-date  technological advances 
Flexibility & Cost Efficiency
Our ‘Time and Materials’ (T& M) model allows you to adjust the scope of the outsourced team and thereby, efficiency of production.