The Calibre® Advantage
Calibre® leverages its location advantage of being in Pune, India. The local human resources pools can be properly organized and work can be got done at the best cost against quality.
Efficiency and Speed
The time difference between the Western countries and India improves efficiency. Data can be processed overnight, if necessary.
Systems approach
Calibre® does a systematic client requirement analysis. There is meticulous planning of the workflow and support system.
Assurance of Quality
Calibre® follows standard operating procedures and focuses on continual training and improvement.
A single point of contact is made available by Calibre®, during mutually agreed business hours, for updates, action implementation, status / performance discussion, issue resolution.
Calibre® can rapidly scale up or down according to client requirements, both in terms of infrastructure and manpower resources.
Technical Support
Calibre® is a strong guidance partner with capabilities and know-how across technology platforms and paradigms.
Strong Financial Health
Calibre® is adequately financed, thus ensuring continuity in business, contracts, and workflows.