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Calibre® CAMPUS - Overview
Calibre®Campus is a robust application framework created exclusively for educational institutions. Calibre® Campus is an integrated, multi-campus enterprise solution that manages and facilitates effective utilization of customer assets, human assets, financial assets and enterprise assets. This system reduces data error and ensures that information is always updated throughout all campus spread geographically apart.

The objective of Calibre®Campus is to create a technology platform for enterprise-wide planning, financial sanity, regulatory compliance, and customer services. Campus solutions are designed as modular systems with different components residing on a common transaction engine and a common high performance database. This system provides solutions for student management, campus operations, testing and evaluation, planning and scheduling and franchise operations. With its distributed client-server architecture, the system can operate on different networked topologies across multiple locations.
Calibre®Campus at a Glance
Calibre®Campus provides comprehensive business program modules. Different modules with different functionalities seamlessly integrate with one another, to ensure various planning concepts, overcome administration hurdles and grab hold of good opportunities. Calibre®Campus supports the system with its core modules that provide distinct features and functionality. The core modules are:
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Integration of Multi-campus environment
Educational institutions that have several campuses distributed across a geographical area can be integrated through a fully networked system. Each campus can be served by networking technologies appropriate to their size, location and user requirements to extend the productivity.

Location independent accessibility
The educational institution is no longer defined to a standalone location. Today with telecom service and network connectivity, various branches of the institution located at several places can be connected to each other. Transactions executed at one branch can be transmitted across other branches, and authorized users can access the information through the system from any location.

Un-interrupted online operations
Calibre®Campus ensures the integrity of data entry and uninterrupted availability of data and online operations.

Calibre®Campus is highly adaptable. The system lends itself to easy customization to meet constantly changing user needs. Its inherent adaptable nature ensures that it can accommodate requests for upgrades.

Calibre®Campus is based on .NET technology, which enables location independence. It also ensures easy integration with other systems.

Calibre®Campus is based on a reliable architecture, implemented with the important traits of fault -tolerance. Information is reliable only when it corresponds with actual events and transactions. With Calibre®Campus, reliability of information is a definite assurance.

Built on a highly scalable, clustered architecture, Calibre®Campus offers a distributed configuration that enables applications to be partitioned across multiple servers. With its distributed client-server architecture, the system can operate on different networked topologies across multiple locations, to increase the operational efficiency of these eco-systems.
ENQUIRY MANAGEMENT The Enquiry Management Module is a Calibre® CAMUS module that captures, collates and manages all information needed to service a prospective student with respect to his/her enquiry and effectively manage and service enquiries from multiple locations.

Capture Enquiry Details
The enquiry form captures contact information, personal, educational and professional details of the enquiry

Unique Identifiers
A unique enquiry number is generated when enquiry is saved. This will help to locate the enquiry easily.

Enquiry Search
Various search criteria’s like date, name, qualifications, product enquired for etc can be used to search for the enquiry and generate the required reports.

Follow up Deatils
Details about number of follows made and remarks from the follow up are maintained. This will ensure that regular follow up is done before student registers for the desired batch

Enquiry to Course Registration
Before enrolling a student and completing his admission procedure, the enquiring student can be registered for a course where he can pay a token amount of the fees and register for that course.

Email & SMS Integration
Email alerts can be sent to the desired list of students to keep them informed
The Enrollment Management Module is a very significant module of Calibre®CAMPUS, that captures and maintains all the information regarding enrollment and admission related procedures of a particular student/trainee. The system would ensure that the processes associated herein are centralized.

Student Information Capture
All the important details about the student are captured at time of enrollment. It is ensured that the process associated herein is centralized.

Product Designer enables designing of a product for the institution .The products designed are integrated to enrollment module. Product designer will take into consideration product name, module included in product, duration of product validity etc.

Payment Plan
Various payments plans can be designed for the course. This list of payment plans will be available to select in the enrollment window. Once the student is enrolled the plan details can be viewed in student details and tab can be kept on when the next installment is due.

Support for Muliple Courses
Student can enroll for multiple courses. Payment plans and Discounts for all the selected courses will be available one the course is checked.

Online Updations of Student Information
With Student Information System, the student can view details like Payments, Batch Schedule, Personal Information etc. on the website.
Student Administration Module provides student related administrative and other services to the institute. It will help the organization to manage and integrate post admission activities of the student from the perspective of both institute and student.

Personal Information Change
Student details can be edited at any point by logging to the student account using the Unique Scan code or Student Name

Study Material Collection
Details about various study material collected by the student and the pending material to be collected can be tracked.

Payment Details
This menu will give complete payment related details like amount received from the student, balance, installment plan for the student etc

Student Leave Management
A record of number of leaves, duration, and reason of leave taken by the student in his/her course is maintained.

New Course Subscription/Cancellation/Transfer
Student can subscribe for new course, transferred from present course to different course and even upgrade the course.

Group Emailing
Group emailing can be done to the list of students available from various search criteria’s like Batch name, students with pending balance etc
The Planning and Scheduling Module offered by Calibre CAMUS covers all the elements of scheduling, as would be required by an institute. Planning and Scheduling of courses is an area that consumes considerable resources in terms of human effort and time. This solution addresses such concerns, and automates all scheduling related activities..

Course Planner - Integrated with Admission Modulee
Course Designer is used to design the course which is later made available for enrollment. It takes into consideration the Course components, Course fees, installment dates and other details related to course.

Batch Designer
Batch designer will take details about the batch like maximum intake in the batch, starting date, location, days and batch time. Batch can be marked as Active and Inactive. An active batch will be made available for enrollment.

Dynamic Schedule Designer
Schedule designer will design complete schedule for the batch. Concepts to be taught on a particular date can be selected from the list of concepts available for the course.

Faculty Planning
Faculty planning will ensure faculty availability as per the schedule. It will take into consideration faculty competency in the subject and also faculty holiday.

Daily / Weekly Batch Schedule
Schedules can be generated to on daily and weekly basic. This will help in proper classroom management and planning for the lectures.

Alternate schedules
Alternate schedules for a particular concept can be generated easily. So if a lecture is missed by student he /she can attend the same lecture provided it is available in different batch.

Survey Designer
Organization needs to conduct various surveys for its students. Survey designer will help in planning and administration of the survey.
For an organization, managing attendance is a significant activity. For an educational/training institute, this involves tracking attendance records of both students/trainees and staff (primarily faculty).This helps in identifying and analyzing both the students/trainees and faculty’ involvement in process of imparting knowledge. The Attendance Management Solution of Calibre®CAMPUS captures, collates, tracks, and manages all attendance records pertaining to both students and faculty.

Studentwise Attendance Details
Daily student attendance details are recorded and maintained. A weekly, monthly or annual attendance record can be generated for every student.

Lecturewise Attendance Details
Attendance record of all the lectures is maintained and available for faculty for review. Attendance and absent student percentage is mentioned for every lecture.

Lecture Records
Lecture Details like Lecture date, time, venue, faculty assigned to lecture, concept covered in lecture etc can be captured.

Reward Points and Faculty Attendance
The module can award reward points to the faculty for the number of lectures taken. Daily Faculty attendance can be tracked. Faculty, employee and visiting faculty attendance can be separately viewed.

Attendance tracked from External Devices
Attendance can be tracked by integrating the external devices like biometric scanner/RFID cards.

Alternate schedules
Alternate schedules for a particular concept can be generated easily. So if a lecture is missed by student he /she can attend the same lecture provided it is available in different batch.

Survey Designer
Organization needs to conduct various surveys for its students. Survey designer will help in planning and administration of the survey.
The Testing and Evaluation Module offered by Calibre®CAMPUS is a system that automates the entire testing cycle for the institute. In addition, the solution creates an environment for improving student performances by providing timely analysis and historical comparisons.

Remote Location Teste
Remote Location testing feature enables the student to give test from anywhere. Once the test gets activated online student can take the test. Student will have to use his unique identification code to Login.

Comprehensive Real Time Analysis
Detailed Test analysis is generated instantly as the student completes his test. Difficulty Analysis, Merit List and Ranking, Performance Bench Marking and Graphical Display are available.

Test Results
Detailed Score card and Mark sheet can be generated. It will show the number of attempts, correct attempts, and negative marks if any. It will also show attemptability percentage and accuracy percentage in each section.

Statistical Difficulty Analysis
Questions are classified as easy, average and tough based on percentage of test takers who attempted it and got it right. This will help the student to understand his selection of question and his concept strength.

Student Merit List
A detailed student Merit List can be generated. Merit list will display the sectional as well as total scores.

Report CardGeneration
Report cards for the student can be generated giving complete details about the student performance. These report cards can be printed.
The Library Management Solution of Calibre® CAMPUS is a system that facilitates the smooth functioning of every aspect of the library, in a centralized and integrated manner. It automates the entire process of registration for users and books and a speedy processing of requests pertaining to books is ensured.

Book Related Reportse
Report giving complete details about the books like title, category, authors, and vendor can be generated. Using the selection criteria desired report can be generated.

Member Related Reports
A detailed report about the members of the library can be generated. The report will also give a list of members with fine dues and pending books.

Stock Tracking
Stock of any book can be tracked. Stock can be tracked based on book name, author name, vendor name, book category etc.

Circulation Management
When there is an issue or receipt of book an entry is made in the system taking complete details about the member as well as member transaction details are entered.
Transport module of Calibre® CAMPUS manages the entire transport infrastructure of school/colleges. It ensures that an error free route planning is done and updated vehicle availability schedule is maintained.

Vehicle Detailse
Vehicle details like vehicle name, number, capacity and current status are recorded. These details can be edited when required.

Plan Routes
Routes starting and end points can be defined .Vehicles can be selected as per the availability and requirement.

Flexible Transport Plans
Various Transport Plans can be defined with suitable parameters like Service type (Monday to Friday/Saturday), Subscription duration, Transportation fees etc

Student Transport Details
Transport details of the students using the facilty are maintained. Student record will give complete details of student transport plans, payment details, pick up and drop points etc
Inventory management supports all inventory-related activity that takes place at various branches of the institution, thus ensuring that service parameters are always met.

Inventry Information Capturee
Detailed information of the new inventory item like name, quantity, price etc are captured. Re order Level for the item are set.

Tracking Stock Movement
When inventory is assigned to a branch it is ensured that the inventory in transit is tracked and updated at local branch inventory.

Locationwise InventryStatus
Inventory information is maintained and updated at every branch. This can be tracked from the Head office.

Supplier Details
Important details of every supplier like name, contact information, scope of supply, period of business is registered.

Material Indent Form
Branches will generate an Indent Form to acquire the requisite items from the head office. List of Indent forms can be generated for future referance.

Purchase Order Generation
Purchase Order of the goods can be generated from the system with required specifications.
The entire employee related activities of an educational institute is managed and centralized by Human Resource Management Module of Calibre® CAMPUS.

Employee Information Capturee
Important Details of the employee are captured and maintained. Employee is registered as Branch Employee or HO Employee.

Department Details
Different Departments can be created as required by the institute to register the new employee under appropriate Department

Salery Management
Monthly salary slip generation, bank statements and salary records are maintained

Emplyee Leave Management
Details of Employee leaves like number of days, reason of leave are maintained

Visiting Faculty Management
Visiting faculty can be separately managed by the HRM module. A detailed record of the lectures taken and payments made to the faculty are maintained.
The Franchise Management Module is a very important solution of Calibre CAMUS, which helps the organization in dealing with its franchise/business associates. It is offered as a specialized solution which can support franchise models and multiple business arrangements between the franchisor and franchise. This system can be used by franchises to operate off a centralized data centre while ensuring security for the franchisor by offering tightly controlled access.

Franchisee Informatione
Important information about the franchisee like Business partner contact details, agreement date, bank details, royalty details are registered.

franchisee Payment Components
The module will record all the franchise payment components like brand fees, product fees, technical know-how fees, material cost, royalties and other claims.

Transparency Of Transactions
All financial transactions will be done through the system. These transactions would be reflected at the HO, thus maintain transparency in the business.

Franchise Requisition
Inventory Requisitions can be generated for the franchise. Thus keeping tab on the stock movement towards the franchise.

Visiting Faculty Management
Visiting faculty can be separately managed by the HRM module. A detailed record of the lectures taken and payments made to the faculty are maintained.
The Finance Management Module is a crux module of the Calibre® CAMPUS system. It caters to all activities related to finance and accounting within the organization. This solution comprehensively meets all standard requirements and in addition has special features that meet specific requirements for an educational/training institute, such as a tailored MIS. The solution being totally centralized, there are enormous benefits, since all important functionalities are a part of the same integrated application platform.

Double Entry Accountinge
Finance Management Module follows a double entry accounting system. Thus ensuring all the standard rules for recording financial information is maintained.

General Ledger
General Ledger is maintained. Using various selection criteria’s desired entry record can be obtained.

Transaction Listing
Desired list of transactions can be viewed. Various selection criteria’s like transaction date range, bank name, cheque number etc can be used to track the transactions

Creat Account head
Account heads can be created as per the requirement. A list of account head can be viewed to select the appropriate head.

Bank Balance Statement
A detailed Bank Balance Statement as on specific date can be generated.

Cash Flow statement
Cash Flow statement will give complete details about the cash in flow and out flow on a specific date.

Service Tax statement
Service Tax statement can be generated between the selected date range. Various functions like Calculate Service Tax, Print Franchisee Service Tax statement etc are available
Following are the reports based on modules of Calibre® CAMPUS
Enquiry MIS

  • Enquiry Reports based on Demographics
  • Enquiry Source Analysis Report
  • Enquiry Follow Up Report
  • Counselor Conversion Report
  • Marketing Activity Success Report
Enrollment MIS

  • Enrollment Report based on demographics
  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly Enrollment Report
  • Daily Collection Report
  • Branch wise Enrollment Report
  • Batch wise Enrollment Report
  • Balances Report
  • Product Listing
Student MIS

  • Student Leave Report
  • Feedback Analysis
  • Student Progress Report
  • Placement Report
  • Drop Out Student Report
Planning and Scheduling MIS

  • Product List
  • Concept List
  • Course List
  • Installment Plan List
  • Batch List
  • Batch Delay Report
  • Faculty Reward Point Report
Attendance MIS

  • Student wise Attendance Report
  • Lecture wise Attendance Report
  • Batch wise Attendance report
  • Faculty/Employee/Visiting Faculty
  • Attendance Report
  • Faculty Rewards Point Statement
Testing and Evaluation MIS

  • Batch wise Marks
  • Subject wise Marks
  • Course Wise Marks
  • Student Merit List
Library MIS

  • Library Member Report
  • cross Name,Author,Publisher Member Issue/Receipt Book List
  • Vendor Report
  • Publisher List
  • Author List
  • Stock Report
  • Book Frequency Report
  • Book Distribution Report
  • Book Status Report
Transport MIS

  • Transport Location List
  • Transport Plan List
  • Vehicle List
  • Route List
Inventory MIS

  • Inventory Item List
  • Location based Inventory Report
  • Stock Movement Report
  • Purchase Order Listing
  • Suppliers Report
  • Material Indent Report

  • Employee List
  • Employee List across Branches/HO
  • Employee Performance Report
  • Employee Competency Matrix
Franchise MIS

  • Franchisee & Business Associates List
  • Franchisee Requisition Report
  • Franchisee Payment Report
Finance MIS

  • Daily Collection Report
  • Transaction Listing across Branches
  • Collection Report across various
  • collection modes like cheque, card
  • Trial Balance
  • Bank Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Service Tax Statement
  • Bad Debts and Out standing balances
  • Report
  • Account Heads List
TAS (Testing and Assessment Solutions)
Typical business pain points that need to be minimized during a training and assessment process include faster and effective turnaround to design and generate need-based questions, manage the training event, user-friendly test delivery methodologies and having a bouquet of trackers and analytical reports. Calibre® with its domain expertise has addressed these issues and through Calibre®TAS (Testing and Assessment Solution) provides an integrated approach to the training and assessment needs of an enterprise by the effective application of its technology prowess.

Calibre®TAS (Testing and Assessment Solution) is a suite of software tools that are designed as a modular system with different components residing on a common base engine and high performance database.

Calibre®TAS is an enterprise-class solution, facilitating
  • Student preparation assessments
  • Competency building assessments
  • Diagnostic testing
Calibre® TAS can also be used for
  • Job qualification assessments
  • Campus placement testing
  • Pre-employment testing
Student Portal
Our Enterprise Student Portal provides easy-to-use platform with 24/7 accessibility to the information for students. Students can view and create their profiles, check their grades, perform online test, pay bills, and handle all their institution information from anywhere, anytime.
Student Portal Features
Synchronized with Campus ERP
As an integrated part of the Campus ERP solution, student portal is fully sync with ERP for sharing the updated information and programming of the overall system for complete consistency and efficient operations

Student Information
Students can update their own basic information like their profiles and online calendar

Discussion Forum
Student can interact with their peers and mentors through this online portal

Online Testing
Student portal is coupled with online testing, online grading and complete tools for communications and collaboration

Students can view news announcements of their institution from the portal

Evaluation Tool
Student online course evaluation tool is designed for grading system allowing institutions to evaluate before releasing grades

Online Calendar
Students can access a personalized online calendar that track everything from events to specific student tests

Online Shoppe
This is an exclusive feature for the brand conscious student where at the click of the mouse he can shop for study material and courseware