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Calibre® Cubs Overview
Calibre® Cubs is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software specifically designed for Pre-School. Calibre® Cubs is a web based software for automation and management that suits the needs of the educational institutions. Calibre® Cubs is the robust application framework which will supports multi-level hierarchical structure of preschool operations such as head office, branch and franchise operations. 

Calibre® Cubs facilitates smooth interaction between students, parents and teachers. It also enables the school administration to monitor and execute the administrative activities effortlessly which are otherwise an extremely intensive job. 

Calibre® Cubs with HTML5 user interface provides rich, unique, interactive experience to access the application online powerfully. It can be accessed on computers, tablets and cell phones with ease. This reduces the compulsion on parents to be physically present or to follow up with the updates tediously.

Calibre® Cubs provides various functionalities and modules which cover every facets of your institute that includes Staff, Students, Parents, Teachers, School Administrator, Accounts, Finance, HR, Inventory, Transportation, Sales and Marketing, etc. Calibre® Cubs can be tailored based on your requirements; you can customize the Calibre® Cubs ERP as per your daily operations which are necessary for your institution. 

Calbre cubs connects to the parents through SMS. 
  • Clean, Clear and Secured Administration
  • Very interactive interface using HTML5 UI features
  • Simple navigation and operation of the application
  • Easily customizable according to the need of the institution
  • Centralize storage to all the information
  • Possible to linked/interact with your current software application
  • Accessible from smartphones, tablets and computers
Calibre® Cubs Features
A preschool can have several branches at many locations. Calibre® Cubs will manage and organize all the operations at branch level and head office level as well. Calibre® Cubs is designed with modules for managing administration processes of the branch as well as head office operations.
Calibre® Cubs is build with various features and functionalities with user rights given to branch user and head office user. 

With Calibre® Cubs, the administrator (User) of the branch and head office will effortlessly handle their daily operations such as:

Student Registrations 
Manage number of admission enquires generated through various sources, seat booking, registration and enrollment of the students with their
payment details. 

Student Administration 
Record student details by adding their personal information and creating their profiles, track student records with their transfer and drop-out information and their adhoc payments details.

Class Administration 
View class details, assigned schedule and class allocation, Monitor student attendance in the class with daily activity report and food and sleep details of the student.  

Customer Care 
Monitor customer queries and complaints, resolve queries by updating their status.

Payment Management 
Track student fees details which includes balance fees details, paid fees details, due installments, transaction date, transaction type and transaction mode with their clearing status. 

Product Planning & Scheduling 
Design different courseware, programs, modules and schedule courses branch-wise with faculty assignment and time table design.

Testing and Assessment 
Add student assessment details with student rating and view student assessment report based on the course, class, term, etc.

Faculty Management 
Faculty can be assigned according to their skillsets for different courses. Execute faculty planning as per the course, class, venue and section.

Transportation Planning 
Design and plan route, assign vehicles, transportation fee planning and scheduling can be organized from the system.

Food Planning & Allocation 
Student food intake information with nutrition value can be recorded. Planning and assigning food items for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner
according to the course, class, venue, term, program, etc. can be executed.

Human Resource Management 
Leave management, salary management, profile management, employee record management, holiday calendaring and other human resource
functions can be handled.

Inventory Management 
Inventory management supports all inventory-related activity that takes place at various levels of the institutions like food inventory, ingredient stock management, order generation, reorder level settings and purchase record.
Parent Portal Overview
Parents should be connected with their child time and it’s crucial for them to be always updated about their child’s academic performance. The Parent Portal is an online tool which will allow parents to stay informed and engaged in their child’s education. 

The Parent Portal allows parents and guardians to:

  • Access 360 degree information about the student in the school with safety and security.
  • View student and parent profiles 
  • Access daily activity report of the student to monitor their various activities in the school
  • View Live Update about the student performance
  • Check daily schedule about the classes, activities and meals of the student
  • Observe daily food habits of the student along with its calories and nutrients reports
  • Monitor attendance of the student on daily, weekly & monthly basis
  • View student rating as per their performance and compare it with previous terms
  • Always have an update on physical attributes of the student
  • View overall report of the student and stay updated on their homework, projects, events, performance, deadlines etc.
  • Access payment details about the student tuition and transportation fees
  • Always be connected with the student by watching their photos, real-time video through remote surveillance. Parents can view their children are playing games, performing in the events, having meals, attending the classroom etc.
  • Access student documents, press releases and newsletters online
  • Communicate with teachers/administration through online helpline option
  • Access all the Portal information on Smart phones and Tablets.
Parent Portal Features
Parent Portal provides parents an online medium to watch and monitor their child progress in the school. Parent can track attendance, daily activities, food & nutrition, payment details, physical attributes and live update about their child.

Parent Portal will have following features and functionalities:

Secure Login 
Parents can login on to the portal by providing their authentic Registration No. and Date of Birth

Profile Management 
Parents will be always updated with their own and their child profile. All the critical information about their child and themselves will be accessible from the portal 

Daily Activity Report 
Parents can view all activities of their child on day-to-day basic. Parent can see the report with activities like Prayer, Exercise, Story time, Dance practice, Creative skills, Outdoor Games, Indoor Games, Drawing, Painting, etc. 

Live Update 
Parent can view live update about the child activities with the accurate in-time and out-time information on the activities. 

Food and Sleep 
Parent can see food and sleep record of their child. Parent will select serving type as breakfast, mid meal, lunch, snacks, dinner and accordingly the item name of the food eaten by the child will be displayed along with the nutrition details. It will also represent sleep timings of the child during the day. 

Parents can check their child attendance in the class. Parent can select the date range to see the child attendance during that particular period. 

Student Rating 
Parent can monitor their child performance in the academic year through the rating in each subject or activities in the program along with the teacher comments. Also, parents can compare the ratings from previous academic years/terms with the current term. 

Physical Attributes 
Parent will always be updated with the physical attributes of their child. Parent can see graphical representation of Height, Weight, Identification marks and Allergy details. 

Parents can view many reports like Daily Calories Report, Daily Nutrient Report and Overall Report of the child. All the reports are graphically represented with bar graphs, pie charts, etc. to understand it easily and quickly. 

Payment Details
Payments about tuition fees and transportation fees along with other details like Payment Paid, Balance Due, Discount, Amount Received, Advance Payment, etc. will be accessible to the parents. Parents can see payment history and print duplicate receipt against the payments made. 

Parents will always be updated about Upcoming Events, List of Holidays and Time Table of the child. Parents can access food calendar of their child to check what meal will be served on daily, weekly and monthly basis during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Remote Surveillance can also be integrated with the portal so that the parents can see their children through the camera online. 

Study Material 
Parents can download their child’s photographs, events photos, press releases, newsletters and other
student documents from the portal. 

Parents can ask their queries through the portal and can also search the number of queries they have made with their current status.