Engagement Model
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Fixed Cost
This model works when the requirements, scope, services, features, timing and service levels are fixed. In this model Calibre will be paid a fixed price, pre-agreed amount for fixed deliverables and timelines. Fixed Cost model is very much workable when the client requires project performance with definable deliverables, a defined schedule, and a defined budget

How We Work 
During the development process, we focus on phase-wise delivery in order to keep up with the delivery schedule. The entire development is supervised by our project managers. Under this model, as long as the requirements remain the same, client is not in the risk of cost and time over-runs.

  • Predefined development life cycle
  • Almost certain results/deliverables
  • Predictive scope and cost
  • Best for smaller or defined projects
  • Lower Risk
Time & Material
This model works when the client is unsure about the requirements, scope and implementation plans for the project. In this model client has the flexibility to change the requirements at any point during the execution phase. Calibre provides skilled resources as required in the project on monthly, daily or hourly rate basis. Responsibility for managing resources and their output remains with the client.

How We Work
Under this model, we charge the client based on hourly basis. The client pays on the basis of effort / time / resources used and the project cost is a function of the total project execution time and the resources deployed. We provide technical resources in all roles such as Developer, Quality Engineer, and Project Manager, Technical Architect as per the project requirements. The client has the option to select resources as per their experience and required skills for the project.

  • Scope change or modifications is flexible
  • Dedicated resource pool for the project
  • Flexibility to scale-up or scale-down resources volumes according to need
  • Agile methodology is possible for the development
  • Pay as you go with the project
Dedicated Delivery Model
This model is perfect for long term projects where the client is certain about the project with dedicated number of resources for outsized duration. In this model, the client need to define the type of work and the required skillset for the project; Calibre will provide the entire infrastructure with required resources. Calibre has a cost effective methodology for offshore project development which provide client with flexibility to increase or decrease resources pool as per their project requirements.

How We Work
In Dedicated Delivery Model, Calibre provides its development facilities dedicated to the client as a virtual extension of their operational space.

We take care of all the facilities management and provide strong communication channel to keep our client constantly updated with their operational activities. At Calibre, a dedicated relationship manager is provided for managing offshore relationship with the client by establishing “service level agreements” and monitoring these SLAs on regular basis.

  • Dedicated infrastructure with ready to use facilities
  • Flexibility to ramp-up or ramp-down recourses pool 
  • Possibility of long term relationship with dedicated resources
  • Process oriented software development
  • Optimum time zone advantage
  • Cost effective development