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The Global Payments Challenge 
Businesses worldwide are expanding their networks across the globe to take advantage of over-seas markets. They need to make payments to employees, suppliers, contractors, developers and publishers in multiple countries.

Though there are commonalities in the ways that countries run their payments systems, there are differences in payments system regulation methods and economic models. In addition, there are the challenges of reaching developing countries.

Hence, businesses are looking at bank and non-bank solution providers to facilitate global payments.
Calibre® Focus 
Calibre® provides the technological support to global payments facilitators, both bank and non-bank. The complexities of designing a global payment process can be cumbersome. Calibre®’s expertise lies in programming systems for sending money from one country to another via wire transfer systems, SWIFT, and correspondent banking foreign exchange.
Salient Service Features 
  • SWIFT ready applications
  • Consolidation of all payment infrastructures into a payment hub that supports multiple banks and branches,in multiple countries, using multiple currencies
  • Facilitation of payment scheduling, routing and re‐routing in accordance with procedures specified by the bank
  • Payment origination and delivery options along with relevant monitoring displays
  • Broad-based reporting

With its expertise in technology solutions for payment services and foreign exchange, Calibre® can help its partners improve their operational efficiencies and thus grow their businesses.