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The Internet Challenge For Financial Services
The Internet is pervasive within financial institutions. It is used for advertising, marketing, customer data management, online banking and payments. While these uses of the Internet have yielded great benefits to financial institutions, the biggest conversion and benefit is the transfer of key applications from client server to web based delivery.
Calibre® Focus 
Calibre® builds fully integrated web-based financial information systems specifically tailored to content, design and workflow requirements of clients.
  • Comprehensive, customized Internet and Intranet applications help optimize the sales, advisory and investment processes by integrating internal data sources and supporting internal information distribution.
  • User-friendly, reliable and secure customer interfaces on the web and on mobile devices enable clients to develop profitable customer relationships and secure new opportunities to stay ahead of competition
Salient Service Features 
  • Open and flexible in the way offerings are delivered clients 
  • Collaborative with clients to deliver perfectly tailored web applications
  • Collaborative with other existing client technology partners to achieve results
  • Emphasizes cultivating and maintaining mutually beneficial long-term relationships with clients 
The factors today’s consumers want in a financial institution relationship are convenience, competitive rates and good customer service. calibre®, powered by innovation and sustained by lasting value can help its clients enhance the efficacy of their business processes and create engaging experiences for their customers.