Lygacy Systems Upgradation
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The Legacy Systems Challenge
A ‘Legacy System’ is an old or outdated computer system that remains in use even after more modern technology has been installed.

An organization must upgrade its Legacy Systems for two basic reasons:
  • They become increasingly hard to support due to dwindling skills or discontinued support from the vendor. Usually, Legacy Systems are crucial for organizations since they support key functionalities. Hence, Legacy Systems are associated with significant business risk if they were to fail.
  • There are problems fitting them into today's drive for service-oriented architectures. New features, such as Web services, required to transact modern businesses cannot be added to obsolete systems.
However, systems are always expensive to develop and implement; companies have invested considerable time and money on developing them in the past and replacing a legacy system can even cost more due to the need to phase out an old system.
Calibre® Focus 
Calibre® has proven expertise in managing the evolution of business systems. It is a skilled outsourcing provider, operating with a rich pool of resources to give its clients the full support that they need, and without the constraints they have in-house.

If the client’s longer term solution is inevitably to migrate to a new technology or to continue develop it, Calibre® gives the client the time to evaluate these options carefully while mitigating the risk elements associated with the legacy systems / applications.
Salient Service Features 
  • Upgrading and maintaining a legacy system and working effectively with it
  • Evaluation of the Legacy System for the likelihood and potential business impact of a specific application failure
  • Assessment of the time frame as to when the business must migrate from the legacy systems
  • Structuring a successful replacement project at the right time while aligning plans and designs with architecture standards to future-proof the new environment.
Calibre® frees up the client’s IT department to focus on more strategic initiatives while ensuring that the client has consistent and reliable service. Outsourcing to Calibre® can provide the most immediate and straight forward answer to the ’Legacy Systems’ challenge faced by financial institutions.