Mobile Applications
The mobile application development space is a vibrant one, with a wide range of new devices, from smartphones to tablets. Hence the challenge for developers is what devices to target, how to create simple and effective applications (apps) and how to secure the data that is uploaded and downloaded. This may require a cross-platform or multi-platform development effort.

We offer the most appropriate, optimised and secure B2B, B2C, or B2E mobile apps development solution for all kinds of user requirements and for all kinds of businesses.
We have expert knowledge of the Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms to develop the most efficient and user-friendly consumer and enterprise mobile solutions.

  • Internet based applications
  • Client/Server application
  • Business-to-consumer applications
  • Social media apps and integrations
  • ERP applications
  • Rich multimedia applications
  • Media integration - music, pictures , videos
  • Content delivery applications
  • Business intelligence applications
  • CRM applications
  • Location-based applications
  • Security and other utility applications
  • User Interface design
  • Touch screen integration
  • Push notifications
  • Barcode scanner-based Apps
Rapid changes in technology and ways of doing business entail updating technology platforms to ensure market success. We offer redesign services that include evaluation of your existing application and optimized solution for up-gradation to the latest technologies.

  • Migration of existing Mobile applications to other Operating Systems
  • Conversion of existing applications to HTML5 so as to ensure cross browser functionality
We provide complete testing services for assessing whether mobile apps are working as desired across various platforms, devices, and operating systems. A comprehensive process is employed to give feedback on improving the quality of an application in terms of performance and user friendliness.