Case Study
Our client is a well known American multinational nonprofit news agency headquartered in New York City. It operates in 243 bureaus and it serves at least 120 countries, with an international staff located worldwide. It specializes in the gathering and supplying the stories, material and media required for more than 1,700 newspapers, in addition to more than 5,000 television and radio broadcasters. Its photograph library consists of over 10 million images.
Business Problem 
Our client's requirement was to develop an application which would be capable of running on almost every multimedia device (mostly Tablets, Smart phones) as well as on regular computer systems (laptops / Desktops) irrespective of the operating system environment with user friendly interface having touch enabled functionalities for Smart devices.

This application was to be used by almost every level in the staff hierarchy of the company. Since this application will be used by the field staff spread world wide, GPS position is also a requirement.
The Challenge
The company already has an existing system but is not portable, can’t run on devices having different operating system environment. 

To have the application sustain in the market against all other applications, it needed to be built on the latest technologies, market had to offer for the application development. This application had to work with the database used by the company’s existing application and provide Text editing and multimedia (Images /  Audio / Video) features to the users. 
The actions we took to address these challenges were 

  • Allotted a skilled development team to analyze the requirements to create basic architecture which can become foundation for the solution.
  • Team also analyzed different approaches by which the application can be developed so that it should work in different operating system environment.
  • As the web application approach was best suited for the requirement, team Calibre analyzed and evaluated different architectural patterns against each other based on the requirement.
  • Different Open source latest technologies like “HTML5”, “CSS3”, “JAVASCRIPT”, “Jquery” with very robust and scalable “Architectural pattern” (MODEL VIEW VIEWMODEL (MVVM)) was selected to develop a “Single Page Application (SPA)” with a “Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)” which would work with the database of the existing application.
Our actions resulted in 

  • Successfully developed an application capable of running on different operating system environment.
  • Cross browser compatibility without sacrificing speed of the application.