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Responsive Web Design
RWD is a web designing technique of creating websites for providing optimal viewing experience to users in all kinds of mobile devices with respect to any screen size.

Does your website is smart enough to auto adjust itself as per any mobile screen size?
If your website is not responsive, the chances are your website conversion rate or exit rate is going down. In an age where mobile is responsible for up to 30% of a website's traffic, optimizing conversion rates across each platform is now a non-negotiable activity.

Why to have Responsive Website or Web Application?
We all know that, the future is mobile, as we see people increasingly favoring their mobile devices over desktop computers so does your customers.

Nielsen says that over 60% of all mobile phone owners in the US use a smartphone. says that 6.1 billion people will use smart phones by 2020.

Making your website or web application responsive is a small price to pay to reach all these people.

Today most of your customers are browsing website or web applications from their smartphones or tablet; In future they might be browsing it from TV screens, Video Screens in the Car, Kiosk at shopping centers, etc... Responsive web design will be a forward approach which will take care of your websites and web applications to perform in all such conditions and make your business grow.

How we can help?
We can re-develop your website or web application using responsive web design technology. If you already have a website or web application, we can modify it and make it responsive. We have a great expertise in all the tools and technology to make your website and web application responsive for any screen size and accessible on any mobile platform.
The Mobile Web Apps Environment
A Mobile Web App, is an application deployed over the Internet, rather than running on a device, and accessed through the user's Mobile Web browser.

In the current scenario, mobile browsers are advancing at a fast pace, and the functionality gap between them and their desktop counterparts is narrowing. Also, iOS, Android, Window Phone and others share the smartphone and tablet market. Hence, development of mobile web apps that will run on all browsers and work all mobile phones has become a necessity. Thanks to the advances Web technologies, particularly HTML5, this cross-platform compatibility has become possible.

New versions of Mobile Web apsp do not need to be downloaded each time developmental changes are made to the app. Instead, the user gets latest version every time it hits the URL when updates are uploaded to the web server and.
Calibre® Focus
Calibre® develops HTML5 based Mobile Web applications. Our expert team strives to exceed client expectations of user experience through optimization of client's ideas and technological challenges.

Features of our Mobile Native Apps
  • The apps are highly graphic, full screen and touch-based. 
  • The apps allow video embedding and supports streaming videos on mobile devices. 
  • Geo-location tracking facility on the browser enables tracking and identifying a user's location on the map. 
  • Offline caching capability enables mobile users to store content locally and use the app offline. 
  • Drag and drop assembly for user interfaces enables easy data transfer to HTML5 elements. 
A successful Mobile Web app is tested and refined to cope with browser, operating system and hardware differences, but the bulk of application processing remains accessible from any mobile user environment.
Salient Service Features
Latest Technology Implementations 
The apps implement HTML5 technology with latest Javascript libraries like Jquery and other Frameworks. 

Cross Browser Functionality
The apps work on every modern browser including desktops and mobile both i.e. Safari, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Internate Explorer etc. 

Single Page Application
There is only one host page and multiple partial pages (views). Partial pages load dynamically according to app requirements. 

TThere is less data transport since the app requests only data from the server, not pages.

Multiple Resolution Compatible
Use of Media Queries enables the User Interface to adjust itself on multiple mobile resolutions and screens. 

Cost Effective
There is no need to develop different apps for different platforms. 

Ease of maintainance
Implementation of MVVM pattern enables easier maintenance of the code.