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Software Services To Enterprises
Global organizations are finding the need to be focused on the larger business goal of gaining and maintaining long-term competitive advantage with improved IT performance. Hence, these enterprises seek a partner that truly supports those corporate goals, and are able to leverage offshore outsourcing as a critical and valuable component of their overall business strategy. Calibre®’s outsourcing solutions give enterprises the freedom to focus on strategic business activities and to build core competencies.
Services To The Software Providers
Software providers face continual challenges – competing on innovation, time to market, sustaining and supporting existing offerings with operational efficiency, and ensuring impeccable quality. Calibre®’s can help accelerate innovation and build operational advantages for clients in the software sector.
Services To The Software-Enabled Service Providers
Software-Enabled Service Providers use software applications as the key enabler to delivering their data and processing services. Organizations in this technology industry segment require highly fault-tolerant and seamless interactions with their client systems. They often cater to the needs of specific industries.

Calibre®’ can help clients deliver value to their customers seamlessly.